At Cold Storage Canada we offer a broad range of quality services in regards to dry and refrigerated storage. We operate a large warehouse fully equipped and our experience gained over the years allows us to offer quality services, which can of course be adapt to your specific needs.

Our geographical location will allow you to easily extend your distribution across Canada and all over the US East Coast.


The requirements in regards to quality do not only come from the legislation, but especially from the needs of our customers. We communicate regularly with our customers to optimize our level of quality.


A complete and integrated warehouse management system, provides real time access and information to your inventory. Also permits order placing and tracking. All merchandise received is labelled with a bar code to assure tracebility o all movements from the moment merchandise is received, to the moment it leaves our warehouse. Information referenced to your own data.


Storage of specialized and diversified products under controlled temperatures and humidity levels
Stamping & Labelling
Container loading and unloading
Cross docking
Load consolidation
Order fulfillment
Rush orders
Lot control
Physical Inventory, weight take
Order preparation
Access to the inventory by Internet
Orders by Internet
Integrated system of temperatures control
Trilingual order desk (French, English, Spanish)
Repack capability
Slipsheet & clamping capability
Inspection room
LTL/TL delivery services (dry and refrigerated)
Adapted inventory management; FIFO (first in- first out) and/or best before date and/or manufacturing date and/or lot numbers, batch numbers, etc.

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